7 Scary Movies Starring Country Artists

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Musicians have dabbled in the movie industry since the beginning of film, but not many country stars have crossed over to thriller and horror. Some might think country artists typically star in those fun feel-good movies, like 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton, The Blind Side with Tim McGraw or Broken Bridges with Tobey Keith. On the contrary, there’s a handful of artists that have starred in bone-chilling blockbusters.

Whether you’re getting into the Halloween spirit, or just want a good scare, here are seven scary movies starring country artists.

  1. Reba McEntire, Tremors. The one where she plays a badass worm-blasting wife.

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  2. Dwight Yoakam, Panic Room. You know, the one with Jodie Foster trapped in her house? Where D. Yoak’s character doesn’t take his mask off until the very end?

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  3. Jana Kramer, Prom Night. Correction: So, I thought she was the one in the middle, playing opposite Brittany Snow, but she’s not… I promise you though, she’s in this movie.

  4. Lucy Hale, Scream 4. What’s L. Hale’s favorite scary movie? Fun fact: It’s The Exorcist

  5. Kris Kristofferson, Blade I, II, III. Side note: At first glance, you may have thought K. Kris starred in Amytiville Horror, but that was James Brolin. Seperated at birth, some might say.

  6. Trace Adkins, Trailer Park of Terror. Yes, this is a real movie.

  7. Faith Hill, The Stepford Wives. Let’s be honest… those wives are creepy AF.

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