Tucker Beathard Forces My Confession

"Momma and Jesus" Asks for Forgiveness

I grew up Catholic — like 16 years in Catholic schools kind of Catholic — so there are not many sins I haven’t already confessed.

Except this: When I was in high school, I stole gin from my parent’s liquor cabinet. So much gin. The good stuff, too.

My friends and I would always make sure we filled the bottle back up with water so that no one ever knew. Although, I feel terrible imagining my mom hosting bridge in the ’80s and everyone drinking the world’s weakest G&Ts.

Tucker Beathard knows that feeling. And his new single “Momma And Jesus” is all about it. About getting lost before you get found, then turning it around before momma and Jesus run out of reasons for not giving up on you.

He wrote the new song with Deric Ruttan and Jonathan Singleton, and Beathard says it’s one that paints an honest picture of his life as a not-so-perfect son.

“In a lot of ways I was a typical teenager,” he said in a press release, “getting into trouble and doing things I shouldn’t, and I definitely pushed things a little too far a time or two. My mom is still raising five kids, and it takes a strong woman to steer us all in the right direction. I have so much respect for the job she’s done. I know at some point she probably wanted to ship me off to military school or something, but she stuck with me.”

Share your own confessions with the hashtag #DontTellMommaAndJesus.