Tim McGraw, Faith Hill Urge Swampy, Smoky, Sensual

Couple Serving as Key Advisors on The Voice

Imagine getting career advice from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and they tell you to make things swampy, give them some smoke and keep the sensuality.

That’s how it turned out for the contestants on The Voice that McGraw and Hill were coaching on Monday night (Oct. 24).

People were chosen, people were knocked out, and people were stolen throughout the two-hour episode of knockout rounds. But all the contestants got some words of wisdom from the country couple.

McGraw and Hill told 13 of this week’s hopefuls things like, “Your pitch is fantastic,” “Don’t ease into that thing,” “If you don’t nail that (falsetto), you’re screwed,” “Unleash it,” “Own it,” “Get into a little bit of a power position,” “You know you can sing it — now sell it,” “Keep some body in the vocal,” “Dig in with your legs a little bit” and “I she’s out there, let her see you.”

All very constructive criticism, whether the singers were country or not.

But my favorite piece of advice from the night was when Hill told contestant Courtnie Ramirez to just keep it real.

“Don’t think, just sing,” Hill told her.

Hill and McGraw will continue their key advising work on The Voice on Tuesday night.