Hillary Lindsey Calls Lady Gaga a “Superstar in Every Way”

Nashville Songwriter Talks About Their “Million Reasons” Collaboration

How do you go from “Church Bells” to “Million Reasons”? How do you go from Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and Little Big Town to Lady Gaga? How do you go from country to pop?

If you’re Hillary Lindsey, you do it seamlessly.

The country songwriter behind so many of country’s biggest hits has been collaborating with Lady Gaga recently, and she told us what that experience has been like for her.

“I never would’ve imagined that I would get the opportunity to write with Lady Gaga to begin with, much less the crazy, incredible ride that has followed,” Lindsey told CMT.com.

“Gaga is a superstar in every way. Her talents and spirit are magnetic! It’s unbelievable how inviting her and her entire team have been, and I feel so fortunate to get to be a small part of the music she has poured her heart and soul into.”

Lindsey and Lady Gaga penned “Million Reasons,” a piano-heavy ballad that pines for one good reason to stay with a man who’s giving you so many reasons not to.

Earlier this month, Lindsey joined Lady Gaga at the 5 Spot — a dive bar in East Nashville — to sing the song. And Lady Gaga explained where it came from.

“We sat on a couch together, and we were going back and forth, guitar and piano, and we were going, ‘Why these men, you know?’ All these men — my dad, my boyfriend, all the men in my life — they gave me a million reasons but I just need one good one to stick around. But you’re giving me a million to walk away,'” Lady Gaga told the crowd.

This past weekend, Lindsey was in New York to help Lady Gaga perform “Million Reasons” to a larger audience — on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

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