Luke Bryan Still Checks on the Crops

Farming Roots Keep Him Grounded

You can blame it on Luke Bryan’s Southern boy ways. But this is how you know he is genuine about his farming roots:

When Fox News asked Bryan about his recent Farm Tour, he said that that is just who he is.

“I just try to stay true to who I am, write what I know about and remember to call daddy to see how the crops are doing,” Bryan said.

So his five-song Farm Tour … Here’s to the Farmer EP hits close to home for Bryan.

“The American farmer works so hard,” he said. “I watched my dad every year work sun-up to sundown. I know the pressure they are under, and to be able to honor them even in this small way is exciting and a privilege.”

The EP’s main track, he says, paints the picture of that way of life.

“It is one of those songs you pray that you have done right, and people can relate to,” he added.

And the reason Bryan takes his show on the road to rural communities is that when he was young and growing up in Leesburg, Georgia, he had to go into the big city to see concerts.

“I always wished for them to come closer to home so we could all go,” he said. “That’s what we did with Farm Tour — brought the show to small towns that might not normally get one. But what I have loved even more is being able to give back to these farming communities like the one I grew up in. We give a college scholarship to a local student from a farming family in each of the Farm Tour markets.

“These families work so hard to make ends meet, so it’s good to be able to help them a little.”