Jon Pardi Honored for No. 1 Success of “Head Over Boots”

Co-Writer Luke Laird, Producer Bart Butler Join the Celebration

It was a long time coming, but on Tuesday afternoon (Oct. 25), Jon Pardi finally stood on the stage of the BMI building in Nashville and savored the joy of having his first No. 1 party.

The celebration was for “Head Over Boots,” Pardi’s fifth single, which he co-wrote with Luke Laird. The tall, boots and hatted singer has been pumping out music on Capitol Records since 2012, but “Head Over Boots” is his first single to make it past the Top 10.

“I like No. 1 parties,” he declared to the applauding crowd, as if his broad smile alone wasn’t sufficient proof of that fact.

Laird was considerably more used to the spotlight. Including his hits as a producer, he’s racked up 22 chart-toppers, according to BMI’s Bradley Collins, who hosted the festivities.

“Jon’s always had a unique perspective [on the music business].” Collins said. He recalled that when Pardi’s touring earned him enough money to hire a “light guy,” he elected instead to spend it on adding a fiddler to his band.

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