Sam Hunt: Music Will Be Ready When It’s Ready

Singer Opens Up on Debut's 2nd Anniversary

Newcomer Sam Hunt’s Montevallo debut album was released on Oct. 27, 2014.

So it’s been exactly two years since his nearly overnight success. By Nashville standards, that should be enough time to have recorded another album. But in a new Billboard interview, Hunt sounds like those standards are not necessarily going to be the ones that he lives by.

“There’s this sort of model that exists in Nashville that we think we have to abide by: You put out a record and in two years you have to put out another one and have three or four singles. There are all these rules that I’ve just sort of thrown out the window.

“I’m going to put music out when I feel like it’s ready,” he said.

And if anyone knows when music is ready, it’s Hunt. Four of the singles from Hunt’s debut — “Leave the Night On,” “Take Your Time,” “House Party” and “Make You Miss Me” all went to No. 1.

The music from the first record, Hunt says, really connected with people.

“I was really proud of that,” he said. “I put a lot of time into that record before putting that record out and I have a lot less time to devote to the second record, so I’ve tried to figure out how to be as efficient as a songwriter with the new obligations and a new lifestyle since I’m not as free to write. I’m sort of figuring all of that out, but it’s coming along.”

So, there’s nothing to do. No pre-orders to pre-order. No free downloads to download. All his fans can do is wait, and know that it will be worth it once the new batch of songs is ready.

“Everything is changing right now on how we put out music…so I’m going to try to adapt accordingly,” he said. “I do feel pressure internally and externally to put out music, but that excites me because I love songwriting and this brings me back to why I got in music in the first place so I’m excited about that.”

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