Eight Looks From Jason Aldean’s Halloween HQ

Brittany’s Makeup Studio: Where the Glamorous and Ghoulish Come Alive

There is one place at Jason Aldean’s that he rarely visits — not that it’s haunted or anything like that.

It’s his wife’s pro makeup studio, and it’s housed in an in-law suite on his property just south of Nashville. Listening to Aldean talk about it during his last visit to CMT, it sounds like heaven for any makeup geek — almost like a “Spa de la Brittany.”

“It’s got like a kitchen and the upstairs has a loft and a bed,” he said. “But it’s real girly. She keeps all her products there. It works out great because she can go out there, film stuff and it looks cool.”

Anyone with a makeup pro in their lives knows their products can easily overtake whole rooms. They require shades and goops for all skin types, plus brushes for every nook and cranny on a face.

For the last few weeks, Brittany’s studio has been the Aldean’s official Halloween headquarters where she’s tested several glamorous and ghoulish looks on herself and others.

She’s been a skeleton …

a deer …

a court jester …

a zombie …

Skull/Zombie?? Why not!!???

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But it looks like Jason totally approves of Brittany’s Cheshire cat.

Meooooooowwwww ? @jasonaldean

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Then she’s turned friends into werewolves …

Mermaids …

and tribal warrior princesses.

She’s beautiful inside and out, but Brittany’s makeup look is always something to look forward to on any red carpet. Expect to be wowed watching the 50th annual CMA Awards next week. Jason is among the stars performing on the show, airing live from Nashville on Nov. 2 on ABC.

Lauren Tingle is a Tennessean and storyteller who eats music for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she’s not writing or rocking out, she enjoys yoga and getting lost in the great outdoors.