Kenny Chesney’s Cosmic Hallelujah Lives in the Now

Covers Foreigner in Hidden Track

Kenny Chesney’s Cosmic Hallelujah plays out like a fun call to be more emotionally invested in the now.

“I think the record does extend what we did on The Big Revival,” Chesney said in a recent radio interview. “Sonically I think it’s a smart record. I think it’s a fun record, and I think it’s going to give people the license to think. It’s going to give people the license to have fun, the license to escape, but more importantly the license to live in the moment. And that’s important. That was by design because that’s where I am in my life.”

The apocalyptic opener “Trip Around the Sun” and the hilarious “Bucket” give playful spins on the concept of time and making the most of it. Love lights up the night on La Cienega Boulevard in the hit P!nk collaboration “Setting the World on Fire” and again in a rocking RV in the David Lee Murphy original “Winnebago.”

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