The 11 Looks of Carrie Underwood

How She's Paying Tribute to Legendary Ladies

Four years ago, Carrie Underwood set the awards-show record — assuming someone is keeping track of these things –for the quickest outfit change.

She did it in 40 seconds.

On Wednesday (Nov. 2) night, she might just set another record, this time for wardrobe changes.

According to People, Underwood has 11 looks planned for the Country Music Association Awards. She will be dressing through the decades to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary, and is working with stylist Marina Toybina to get the wardrobe just right. She’ll have five decade outfits, five awards-show outfits and one after-party outfit.

“There are some looks throughout our night that are very singular artist inspired and it should evident,” Underwood said. “But going back, there are just so many incredible, legendary ladies of country music. I didn’t wanna really completely pigeonhole myself to one artist. It’s about paying tribute as well.”

She even revealed that the ’80s look (the toughest one to nail down) reminds her of her sister’s prom dress. “I need to get some matching satin shoes to match,” she said.

I think she was joking. I hope like hell she was joking.

While she doesn’t give all her secrets away, she did hint that there would be all kinds of elements to the 11 styles: menswear, sequins and even something kind of princess-y.