World Premiere: Colt Ford Sings of Lost Love in “4 Lane Gone”

He’s Exploring New Territory With New Single

It’s a side of Colt Ford we haven’t seen in a while: a sweet, sadder side.

The hick-hop sensation known for party songs like “Chicken and Biscuits,” “Country Thang” and “Cricket on a Line” brings us a love song in “4 Lane Gone.” Well, really a “love lost” song.

It tells the story of a guy whose girl is gone and he’s nothing short of losing his mind. Cleverly crafted lyrics and a catchy melody will have you singing along to this one in no time.

Written by Houston Phillips, Kyle Fishman and Josh Thompson, the song has pushed Ford in a direction he’s proud to go.

“I pushed myself further than I ever have, and I am so proud of this song,” Ford says. “I know I am far from the best singer, but I have found my voice and I have never been more excited!”

And, of course, there’s a heartwarming twist at the end of the video.

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