How Cam Is Adjusting to Being Mrs.

The Honeymoon and the Hendrick’s

It’s been a little more than month since Cam married Adam Weaver, but I can tell you in no uncertain terms, they are still very much newlyweds.

Before Cam played her sold-out show in Chicago recently, I had a chance to catch up with her and Weaver (and their dog) about their life as a Mr. & Mrs.

First there was the wedding, when her sister and mom completely brought her vision to life. “It was in Pioneertown, California at a B&B in the middle of nowhere, with rocks and desert for miles, so we could just party all night long,” she told me. “Our first dance was to a country song, and the whole night was very ‘kick the dust up.’”

Then there was the honeymoon. “It was two weeks of non-stop time together with no responsibilities,” she said. “That was amazing. We went to Tokyo and then to Bali.”

Then there was the sage smudging to get their East Nashville home ready. “We burned dried sage to clear our house, and give it a good energy vibe,” she told me of the ritual that is said to smoke out any negative energy. “We drank some wine and ran around the house.”

And now there’s just Cam and Weaver being married.

“We don’t have a normal nine-to-five schedule,” she added. “That part is a little different. And that’s not a bad thing, but it takes a second for you to register that our marriage doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s marriage. You can find a way.”

Like bonding over gin and tonics.

“When Adam and I first got together, as friends, we would drink gin and tonics. We love Hendrick’s Gin. My grandpa drinks gin martinis, and growing up we’d always make those for him with the stuffed olives in a high ball glass. So I always thought of gin as, ‘Ugh. Barf. That’s an old-man drink.’”

“But Hendrick’s is so good, especially with small-batch tonic,” she said.