Garth Brooks Explains #GarthOnTheVoice

Serves as Key Advisor Starting Nov. 14

If you’re thinking about making a living as a singer, Garth Brooks needs to talk to you.

“You can sit down and talk to those people forever, because you just want to tell them what they’re kind of in for and all the wonderful things about it,” Brooks said of his new gig as a mentor to the hopefuls on The Voice.

He talked about it on Monday night (Nov. 7), when he welcomed fans into his studio for an episode of his Facebook Live series Inside Studio G: A Monday Night Conversation.

“Can you believe it? We get to be a mentor,” he said. “We get to talk to these people that kind of want to do this for a living. You always want to do that.”

And even though he admitted the opportunity was pretty cool, he is nervous about giving the contestants any solid advice.

“Because I really don’t know what to tell them, other than just go have fun and follow their dreams,” he said.

Brooks followed his in the late ’80s, and he is now he is the only artist to be named entertainer of the year award by the Country Music Association five times.

The Brooks episode of The Voice airs on Monday (Nov. 14).