Brad Paisley’s Working Vacation

Writes Yesterday's "Today" Messages in Sand

Brad Paisley is somewhere on a beach. But it’s obviously some kind of working vacation.

Because on Thursday (Nov. 10), he asked his Twitter followers one simple question: “How does my song #Today apply to your life? There are no wrong answers.”

Once the answers started pouring in, he replied to a few of his followers with words. Then he decided to reply with sand.

When @Kyle_Knox told Paisley that “Today” was the first-dance song at his wedding, Paisley drew their names in the sand and told Knox, “Use this for your wedding video Kyle. Glad it’s your song.”

The day went on and on like that, and by the end of it, Paisley had written 20 messages in the sand and video taped them to post on Twitter (I so wish he would’ve also videotaped any passersby wondering why this grown man was playing in the sand all day).

His messages went out for Sarah, who has Multiple Sclerosis. For Gabriel, the miracle baby. For Theresa, who has Alzheimer’s. For Matt and Kelli, who fell in love. For Bethany, who is waiting on cancer results. For Jaxon, who is cancer free. For Chris, in the Air Force. For Harrison, who has leukemia.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a reaction to a song like this that’s this quick and this universal,” Paisley said in a recent radio interview. “I haven’t gone anywhere that I haven’t sort of been approached by someone who’s already either seen the video or heard the song and wants to tell me what it meant to them, as well as the things that they’ve been through in their life.”

One of his last sand messages was, “ELLEN TOMORROW #TODAY.” He’ll be singing the brand new ballad — one he penned with Chris DuBois and Ashley Gorley — on Friday’s (Nov. 11) show.

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