World Premiere: Thomas Rhett’s “Star of the Show”

CMA Winner’s Wife Shines Again in His New Video

We all know Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren is the real star of the show in his world, and now it’s official.

She’s the star of the show everywhere.

Fresh off his CMA-win for single of the year with “Die A Happy Man” comes another song arguably inspired by his lovelier than lovely better half.

“Star of the Show” is a laid-back, groovy tune about a gorgeous girl who turns heads everywhere she goes, unknowingly, of course, because her true beauty lies in the fact that she doesn’t know she’s so beautiful.

Sounds a lot like sweet Lauren, doesn’t it?

The love between Rhett and his wife is palpable, honest and refreshing. It’s captivated country audiences and pretty anyone outside the country world who saw their last video together.

And this one will not disappoint either. Rhett is still head over heels and giddy like a schoolboy in the world premiere video for “Star of the Show.”

Director TK McKamy pulls out all the creative stops with this one, which looks like a single shot with some super neat special effects. It’s definitely different from anything Rhett has ever done.

That’s the mark of Rhett as an artist. He’s always thinking outside the box and knocking it out of the park each time.

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