Maren Morris: “So Locked In”

Is Social Media Her Church Now?

Social media can be a blessing, a curse and sometimes, both, depending on how you look at it and how you use it.

For country newcomer Maren Morris, it’s all good.

“I’m just so locked into all my social media stuff,” Morris said in a recent radio interview.

She enjoys being able to correspond with fans (more than 51,000 of them on Twitter alone), she says, and reading the emails they send to her website.

“It’s just the things that have made impressions on them when they listen to ‘My Church’ or ‘I Wish I Was,’” she said. The latter is a song she wrote with Natalie Hemby and Ryan Hurd from her Hero album.

And it’s not just because she wants their feedback. It’s also because Morris wants her growing fan base to know she appreciates what they’ve done for her since she made her major-label debut earlier this year with “My Church.”

“I just feel like I really enjoy that kind of contact with people because they’re the ones that are giving you this platform, so it’s important to give back,” she said. “I appreciate the people that they listen to my music and share their own stories and perceptions of the first time they heard it.

“I feel like that gives me a lot of emotional inspiration to put in the well for my next songs.”