Faith Hill’s Not-So-Greatest Hits

Deep Tracks Due Out This Week

Whenever an artist puts together a compilation album, it’s almost always some of their greatest hits.

But Faith Hill is flipping that script, and instead of hits, she’s releasing an album full of songs she never even released as singles. They are the ones that she calls her favorites.

The album will also have three unreleased tracks.

Hill did release a greatest hits album nine years ago — The Hits — which included her most popular songs dating back to her debut album Take Me as I Am in 1993.

After Hill tweeted the news, her husband Tim McGraw retweeted her announcement, telling the world which deep tracks he was most looking forward to.

The 13-track collection is due out on Friday (Nov. 18).

1. “Better Days”

2. “Somebody Stand By Me”

3. “If I Should Fall Behind”

4. “Free”

5. “If This Is the End”

6. “Back to You”

7. “Unsaveable”

8. “If You Ask”

9. “You Stay With Me”

10. “Wish for You”

11. “Boy”

12. “Why”

13. “Come to Jesus”

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