Miranda Lambert Thinks We Should Be Friends

New Song Is Like Match.Com for Girlfriends

Miranda Lambert’s double album The Weight of These Wings — due out this Friday (Nov. 18) — is a collection of 24 songs. So, a long list of songs she wrote with some of Nashville’s finest, and a handful of outside cuts and covers.

But there’s one song — “We Should Be Friends” — that Lambert wrote by herself.

You can almost hear it in the lyrics, all about the kinds of things she’s looking for in a friend. As if there was a Match.com for friendship, and this is her ad.

With lines like, “If you use alcohol as a sedative and ‘bless your heart’ as a negative, we should be friends,” and, “If you’re looking for love but willing to fight over men and mommas and Miller Lite, well then, we should be friends.”

Lambert recently told her record label how she feels about being more than a decade into her career. Her first big hit, “Kerosene,” was released 11 years ago.

“I think I know myself way better than I did 10 years ago,” she said. “But I think in 10 years, I’ll say, ‘Gosh, I know know myself way better than I did 10 years ago!’ You know? You just learn so much about who you are, and life experience does that for you.”

“The unknown is also what makes for good stories and songwriting and for more experiences to come that teach you lessons,” she added.

The new song, plus “Highway Vagabond” and “Keeper of the Flame,” are available now as instant downloads when you pre-order the double album.

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