Jason Aldean: “We’re Just Being Us”

Wife Brittany Gets Him Plugged Into His Digital Life

During a recent visit to CMT, Jason Aldean admitted that sharing the ins and outs of his everyday life online wasn’t much of a priority until his wife Brittany showed him what it’s like to fun on social media.

That’s how fans get viral gems like last week’s cruise to a radio mix of Jon Pardi, Miranda Lambert, J. Cole and Aldean himself.

With Brittany behind the wheel, she jokingly asked, “Who sings this?”

“I don’t know, but that guy is good,” he said as “A Little More Summertime” played on the car stereo. “That boy can sang.”

Trippin ??

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“I’ve always been very private,” he said during our CMT.com interview. “I’ve always been touring and out there doing my thing. But social media kind of came late for me in the game.

“But she loves that stuff,” he added. “She’s all about getting out, posting pictures and engaging everybody. It’s opened me up to do a bit more with her. People seem to like it and think it’s funny. We’re just being us. We’re just being stupid. She’ll talk me into doing some of these videos and she’ll be like, ‘Let’s do a video and ask each other questions,’ like stuff people want to know about us. So when we’re sitting on the bus, and we’re bored, it actually gives us something to do.”

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