Brett Eldredge Makes It to Wrigley Field

Catch His New Video for "Wanna Be That Song"

Fact: Brett Eldredge loves baseball — and the Chicago Cubs, in particular.

I mean, he skipped the recent CMA Awards to attend the final game of the World Series and cheer on his Cubbies. That’s a fan right there.

So when it came time to shoot the video for “Wanna Be That Song” earlier this year, Eldredge took an opportunity to pay homage to his team and favorite pastime.

The video, directed by Trey Fanjoy, took Eldredge to his field of dreams for shooting: Wrigley Field. He plays a 1940s era baseball star hitting a home run — on and off the field — as he recalls the major moments in his life.

“Wanna Be That Song” is your classic love song. Romance, commitment, sacrifice, little moments, big moments — the stuff that makes up a lifetime of happiness is all right there in the lyrics and hooky melody. And the video captures it perfectly.

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