Miranda Lambert’s Producer on Making It a Double

“It Was Never Calculated,” He Says

To understand the reasons why Miranda Lambert made a double album, first you have to understand the reasons why she didn’t.

“She didn’t make a double record to say, ‘Look at me. Y’all deserve two records from me,’” her producer Frank Liddell told industry newsletter Billboard Country Update. “It was never calculated, it was never ‘We’re going to do something that nobody has done.’ It was just that this is where she was in her life at the time.”

The album — The Weight of These Wings — is due out on Friday (Nov. 18), and already has generated one hit song “Vice,” and now has a second one on the way with “We Should Be Friends.”

Liddell said that because Lambert had gone through so much in her personal life over the past couple of years, this music pulled from that. She came to him more than a year ago and told him she’d be doing a bit of a personal inventory for her next album.

“She said, ‘I really just want to take a look at myself, what I’ve been doing, what I’ve been going through, write about it, live through it and make a record,’” he said. “She wanted to look at herself as introspectively as possible, and how she got here, and make the record that’s reflecting that.

“Rather than make light of it, or rather than telling somebody else to ‘give me something timely,’ she sat down and did the work.”

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