Is Tim McGraw Finally Writing Songs?

Instagram Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Tim McGraw has released 14 studio albums in the past 23 years. When you add up all the songs off those albums, there are 175.

And McGraw has written exactly four of those songs. He has always maintained that the songwriters in Nashville, who make a living at this craft, are much better at it than he is.

So it makes sense that his writing contributions are few and far between.

In 2007, McGraw had two songwriting credits on his Let It Go album. “Train #10,” and the ballad for fallen soldiers, “If You’re Reading This.”

In 2010, he co-wrote one song on his Emotional Traffic album, “I Will Not Fall Down.”

And on his Sundown Heaven Town album from 2014, there was just one song with his name on it: “Keep on Truckin’.”

But now, after seeing one of his recent Instagram posts — a picture of a guitar on the couch and a notebook on the coffee table — my curiosity is piqued. Is McGraw writing for his next album? Has planning to tour with his wife Faith Hill inspired him after all these years? And when will we hear what he’s got so far?

“A little late night work,” was all he wrote.

A little late night work

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In a recent radio interview, McGraw said he has to be permeable as an artist, and that he stays “open-minded and open-hearted.”

“I’ve been around long enough that I know the world that I live in musically, so I try to incorporate all those things,” McGraw said of the songs that influence his own.

The couple’s Soul2Soul The World Tour 2017 starts April 7 in New Orleans.

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