Keith Urban Keeps Nicole Kidman Safe From Jimmy Fallon

"Dream Weaver" to the Rescue

You’ve probably heard the story about Jimmy Fallon not picking up Nicole Kidman’s flirtatious cues many years ago. The two of them talked about it last time she was on The Tonight Show.

But did you know it actually happened again?

Kidman and Fallon revisited the story when she was on the show this week, and she brought her husband Keith Urban along this time.

“He decided that he wanted to come on. He wanted to come on and take care of me while I’m on the show,” she said.

Urban walked onstage singing the 1976 Gary Wright hit “Dream Weaver.”

Urban sat down. Kidman sat on his lap. And they laughed about Fallon’s inability to seize what could’ve been a great opportunity to pursue Kidman.

Fallon threatened to visit them in Nashville, and Urban seemed like he was fine with that.

“Actually, I feel quite safe, because you have no problem ignoring my wife in the kitchen, apparently,” Urban joked.

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