Fall in Love With Chicken People Again and Again

CMT Documentary Available on Digital and DVD Now

The wait is finally over for the critically-acclaimed original documentary, Chicken People. The film is available to own now on DVD and digital, and airs Wednesday (Nov. 23) at 8/7c on CMT.

Following the lives of Brian Caraker, Brian Knox and Shari McCollough, Chicken People reveals the highs and lows of humans and their beloved feathered friends in the hugely-competitive world of champion show chicken breeders.

Every November exotic poultry breeders from across the country make their way to Columbus, Ohio, in hopes of being named Grand Champion at the Ohio National Poultry Show. Think Westminster, but for chickens. It’s a world where a bent feather can mean a broken dream. And you’re invited along for the colorful journey.

The documentary made its world premiere at the 2016 South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year, and has been screened at various film festivals since, along with a limited theatrical release.

Learn more about Chicken People with exclusive videos from the documentary, along with extensive news coverage.