Garth Brooks Raised His Daughters the Way He Was Raised

Sharing a Bedroom Means Sharing Laughs

When Garth Brooks was on The View on Monday (Nov. 21), he admitted that music is not everything.

“No offense to music, but if you’re a father or a mother, there’s nothing that beats being a parent,” Brooks said.

And when he talked about taking time off to raise his three daughters — Taylor, August, and Allie — he said he had one rule when it came to choosing bedrooms in the new house they’d built: They all had to choose the same one.

“We built a new house and the girls shared one bedroom. All three of them. There’s like four guest bedrooms empty, and they’re like, ‘Why?’”

Here’s why: Brooks grew up sharing a bedroom with his older brothers, so if the five of them could do it, then his three girls could, too.

“Every night, man, they hate it,” he said. “And then you hear them in there cackling and laughing.

“That’s your best time in your life.”