Little Big Town Blessed With Honey

Westbrook Family Is in Puppy Love

Almost a week ago, right around Thanksgiving Day, Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild posted a picture of her six-year-old son Elijah Dylan holding a brand new dog.

“Well, here we go,” she wrote on Instagram. “Taking this little girl home with us.”

Well, here we go. Taking this little girl home with us. ?

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And then on Tuesday (Nov. 29), she finally shared the puppy’s name — Honey Westbrook — and a close up picture of all the dog’s fluffy cuteness. Her husband, the band’s Jimi Westbrook, posted a similar picture with the caption, “True love.”

Honey Westbrook. ?

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Honey looks like a golden doodle, but it’s hard to say if she is a large or small breed. So if she ends up being a road dog and tours with the band, expect to see a full-grown Honey anywhere from 30 to 100 lbs.

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