Behind the Scenes With Brantley Gilbert

"The Weekend" Music Video Offers Glimpse Into His Personal Life

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Brantley Gilbert’s new video for the “The Weekend.”

Now, we can take you behind the scenes of his two-day shoot with director Shane Drake.

Gilbert just released a really neat video with all kinds of footage from the filming. You get to see Brantley’s house, hear stories from the set, meet his wife Amber and also the guys who tricked out his classic “bad little Cougar” for the video.

Amber was a natural for the video, and Gilbert and his wife are the cutest.

So let’s talk about the other star of the video — his beloved Mercury Cougar.

Gilbert got the car, which he calls his “baby,” from a friend of his dad’s years ago. He had to sell it during a tough time while he was trying to finish up his first record but tracked it down years later, bought it back and fixed it up. Now it’s the centerpiece of the video.

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