Jason Aldean’s Best Christmas Ever

The Force Was With Him

Jason Aldean was only 5 when he had his best Christmas ever.

And like most little boys in the early ’80s, he said he was really, really into Star Wars.

“I remember waking up one Christmas morning — and I don’t know what my mom did to be able to buy all this stuff — but I had all these Star Wars action figures,” Aldean told me. “And the Millennium Falcon ship and everything. It was like every single toy.

“I don’t know if my mom had hit the lottery. That was one of the best things, because that was all I was into at the time. To have everything ever made — in my living room — was the coolest ever.”

Having such a windfall of gifts was rare for him as a kid, he said, because his family was not wealthy at all.

“To say we were middle class would be a stretch. So my mom would save up all year to make sure I had a good Christmas. You may not get a lot the rest of the year, but when Christmas rolled around, she went all out. Especially that year,” he recalled.

Aldean wants to do the same for his daughters Keeley and Kendyl, even though he told me he is careful not to indulge them.

“On one hand, I want to give them the things I didn’t have, and it’s cool that I am in a situation where I get to do that. On the other hand, I’ve always wanted to make sure my daughters knew that every time they want something, they don’t get it.

“I never want them to take things for granted,” he said.