How They’ll Always Be

What the McGraw Girls Want for Christmas

Two of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s three daughters have already left their Nashville nest. But when they come for the holidays this year, they want that nest to be exactly like it’s always been at Christmas.

In a recent radio interview, both McGraw and Hill admitted that the older girls, Gracie and Maggie, have told them what they want for Christmas.

“They’re hinting that, ‘Just because we’re gone, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to do the house like you always do when we were kids,’” McGraw said. “So they still want the house to look like it did when they lived there and they were kids. They want to be able to come home and still feel like it always has to them.”

And Hill said that the girls have already made their requests known: “Are we going to have this? Are we gonna have that set up where it was last year? Are you going to put out the village this year?”

But their youngest daughter Audrey, who is probably just getting used to having her parents all to herself since Maggie left for college in the fall, only has one question about the holiday: “Do the sisters have to come home for Christmas?”

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