Why Miranda Lambert Is Not Afraid

Sings “Dear Old Sun” and Explains Inspiration

Every time Miranda Lambert picks up a guitar these days, I know she’s on the verge of sharing something good.

Ever since she released her double album The Weight of These Wings, she’s been posting videos on Instagram that reveal, little by little, how she feels about the music she’s just made.

“I have so much more learning to do, and so much more time to spend on honing my craft,” Lambert explains, “but this inspires me. This whole

“Because I know you’re able to use things in your life for art’s sake, and for your heart’s sake, and you’re able to share in that with people you love and care about,” she adds. “And they’re willing to share in it with you.”

“It makes me not afraid of whatever else is coming my way,” she says. “Because if it’s great I’ll be ready for it.”

And if it’s not so great? Then what?

“If it’s bad, I’ll be ready for it,” she says.

The song she’s singing throughout the video is “Dear Old Sun,” a ballad she wrote for the new album with Terri Jo Box and Gwen Sebastian.

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