Miranda Lambert’s Dad Named Her New Album

Rick Lambert’s Creative Insticts Rounded Out the Edges

Miranda Lambert’s dad Rick is a songwriter. And even though he hasn’t officially written a song in almost a decade, songwriters just always have a way with words.

Especially these five: The weight of these wings.

That was a line her dad said to her once at a show, and Lambert says it just stuck with her until she finally found a place for it.

“It just felt really big and some ways heavy and some ways light. It sort of makes you think about a lot of things, just that one sentence,” Lambert explained in a recent radio interview.

“We tried to write the song a few times and nothing really came of it, and going through this record process felt like it would tie everything together.

“I needed a title that would sort of round out the edges I guess, and The Weight of These Wings felt right,” she said of how her dad’s words completed her new 24-song double album.

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