For Tim McGraw, Practice Is Harder Than Work

Lessons From His Coaches Along the Way

These are the things that Tim McGraw loves: ol’ stray dogs, guitars playin’, one-room churches, backroad walks, front porch swingin’, sunset skies and bonfire nights.

That’s according to the chorus of his latest single, “How I’ll Always Be.”

And in an Instagram video McGraw posted recently, he also seems to still heed the advice he got from coaches when he was playing baseball as a teenager.


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“My coach always told me that practice has to be harder than work. So I think if you work really hard before the show, you get conditioned so that by the time the show gets here you’re really ready to go,” McGraw says in the video that blends some vintage photos with brand new ones.

As for the song, it sounds like McGraw likes how the lyrics bridge the gap between old and new, too.

“’How I’ll Always Be’ is one of those songs that, to me, just felt like the stories and the songs that I grew up listening to and loving,” he says, “but also sort of the songs that I built my career on.”

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