Maren Morris: “Just Be a Person”

Recognizing the Exhausting Side of Celebrity

When Maren Morris sat down with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix talk show Chelsea, the two women had a heart-to-heart chat about the one big thing Morris has learned since her country music career started to take off.

“A really big thing I’ve learned — and I think it’s so liberating — is when you realize no one knows what they’re doing,” Morris told Handler. “That’s so (expletive) funny to me.”

Morris added that she will not be one of those famous people who maintains kind of an unreal image.

“It’s exhausting to be that way. I look at some celebrities and I’m like, ‘Just be a person for two seconds. And then you can go back to being prissy and perfect,'” she said.

Morris’ Twitter bio — “Following a dream one hangover at a time” — proves that prissy and perfect are so not her.

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