Kelly Clarkson Says Christmas Is Now “Next-Level Amazing”

But Is an Empty Box a Good Gift for Young Children?

How does that gift-giving saying go? It’s the thought that counts? Or is it the box that counts?

That’s one of the Christmas issues on Kelly Clarkson’s mind right now. She recently spoke with reporters about her plans for the holidays and admitted that with a 2-year-old (River Rose) and an 8-month-old (Remington Alexander), sometimes the actual gifts go unnoticed.

“They’re fascinated by the wrapping paper. I’m like, ‘Gah, I could have just gotten you a box.’ Like I shouldn’t have spent the money on that,” Clarkson laughed.

She said she loves everything about the season, especially now.

“I mean, I’ve always loved Christmas. But Christmas with children is like next-level amazing,” she said.

Because of that, her plans for this round of holidays include more family and less work. Or as she puts it, less “go-go-go.”

Clarkson’s new tradition is to actually say, “We’re shutting down on this day.” That date for her and her husband was Saturday (Dec. 17). The day after she hosted her “Miracle on Broadway” fundraiser in Nashville featuring Reba McEntire, Kelsea Ballerini, RaeLynn, Hunter Hayes, Steve Wariner, Ronnie Dunn, the SteelDrivers and Nashville’s Charles Esten.

“We’re done, and we’re shutting down, and it’s just family time,” she said. “I think that’s really important for our community, too, because if you don’t invest in your family, who are you going to invest in?”

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