For Miranda Lambert, Christmas Is Girl Time

Her Holiday Self Is the Opposite of Her Stage Self

You know that sassy badass you see onstage at a Miranda Lambert concert? Well, she’s no match for the domestic girly girl getting ready for Christmas.

Lambert admits that the two sides of her personality are complete opposites, but she loves everything about who she is around the holiday season.

“I love, love, love holidays. I mean, just, it’s my time to really be a girl,” Lambert said in a recent radio interview.

“I grew up with all the decorations and cooking, and I get really domestic during holidays. And it’s kind of weird because it’s so opposite of who I am onstage,” she said.

Lambert plans to be baking cookies and cooking dinner for family and friends while taking some well-deserved time off from the music business — while still decorating her heart out.

“I have every decoration you can think of,” she said, “and I like to have a tree in every room.”

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