Cole Swindell: The Songs You Pray You Get

One Tune Proves the Power of Music

“I can’t believe that is my job. But it’s a job I take very seriously.”

That’s how Cole Swindell explained it to me the last time he was in Chicago where we talked about all the phases his career has gone through since he first arrived in Nashville with the quintessential country music dream.

“I’ve been in Nashville for nine years now,” he said. “But it all still feels new to me because my career has come in different phases: I sold merch, I started writing songs, then I got my record deal. I couldn’t have planned any of that out any better.”

He was quick to add that his job never feels like a job because he loves what he does every single night.

“Even more so now than after ‘Chillin It,'” he said. “Because after ‘You Should Be Here,’ I now know how powerful music can be. I think I’d always known that, but I’d never been the guy behind one of those songs. I feel it was a big responsibility to release that one.

“Every song can’t be like that. But when you grow up wanting to be an artist, those are the ones that you pray that you get. Those are the ones that last.”