Maren Morris’ Souvenir Is No 80s Mercedes

All About Her “Casual Gift from Keith Urban”

I guess a vintage Mercedes-Benz convertible, like the one in Maren Morris’ latest hit song “80s Mercedes,” might be hard to come by.

And who knows. Maybe Keith Urban went shopping for that exact car — the one that is like a summer dream and a teenage time machine that just keeps getting sweeter with age and is a classic through any decade — but opted for a different set of wheels instead.

Morris posted a video of her “casual gift from Keith Urban” on Instagram, showing it off with her boyfriend singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd. And even though her post says she was casually terrified during that little test drive, she had it hauled to Texas so her dad could take care of it.

It’s a brand new black three-wheeler roadster from Polaris, and probably cost Urban twice as much as if he’d bought Morris a 380 SL from the 80s.

When Morris reflected on her break-out year recently, and being on Urban’s tour, it sounds like she’s taking away more memories that high-priced souvenirs.

“Just played my last show of 2016,” she tweeted last week. “This year has been chock full of moments I can’t quite articulate. I’m stronger, wiser, tired, energized, CMA certified and Grammy nominated, but nothing compares to the fans I’ve gained. Stickin’ with u.”

“Halle-freakin’-lujah and amen.”

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