Dierks Bentley: Mellow Hang vs. Jager Hung

How His New Year's Eves Have Changed

Dierks Bentley has the night off this New Year’s Eve. And he couldn’t be happier about it.

“I’ve played a lot of New Year’s shows, you know, but I’ve honestly found that it’s not my favorite night to throw down,” Bentley admitted in a recent radio interview.

Why? Because throwing down is what he does for a living. There’s nothing new about that kind of New Year’s Eve for him.

“Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, I host a big party,” he said, “not only on stage, but I’ve got friends backstage. It starts before the concert sometimes, it goes long after the concert, so a lot of times on New Year’s, I’m looking for a really mellow hang: a good party, good friends, pretty chill.”

Some of Bentley’s best New Year’s have been hearing fireworks go off while he’s already in bed, because then he knows he’ll wake up on the right side.

“I know I’m gonna wake up the next morning for the first day of the New Year feeling great, feeling recharged and I’m ready to go into the New Year feeling good as opposed to going into it with a giant Jagerbomb hangover, which I’ve done many, many times,” he said.