Why Luke Bryan Gets “Fast”

“It Feels Like We’ve Lived a Lifetime in 10 Years”

The days are long, but the years are short. I always share that little piece of wisdom with anyone raising little kids, because it just goes by so fast.

Don’t blink, then they do, and all that.

And now that Luke Bryan has his song “Fast” about the years flying by — with kids, with careers, with everything — I know that he gets it.

“It feels like we’ve lived a lifetime in 10 years,” Bryan told Billboard Country Update.

It’s been almost exactly a decade since Bryan released his debut single, “All My Friends Say.”

“You just reflect on that, I reflect on the building of my artist career, I reflect on the building of my family, and that’s kind of what puts you in that moment,” he said of the song he wrote with Rodney Clawson and Luke Laird.

With lyrics about sand falling through the glass in a hurry and wishing you could hit pause, it paints a picture everyone can appreciate. Even without the “damn.”

Bryan ended up taking out the word “damn” in the chorus, in case the kids were listening.

“It’s better if you can find an alternative word where you don’t lose your punch, and I felt like ‘man’ certainly did that,” he said of the minor-but-important revision.

“It’s my job as a singer and a recording artist to put music out there that people really feel like is talking to them,” he said.