Kacey Musgraves: “Little People Belittle People”

How Her Home Redo Came to Be

I think the story behind Kacey Musgraves’ living room makeover is almost as lovely as the makeover itself.

Elsie Larson, founder of the women’s lifestyle company A Beautiful Mess, shared it on her social media pages, and it goes like this:

A couple of years ago, after Kacey Musgraves was already fully established as a country star and after she’d won her Grammy for best country album for her debut album Same Trailer Different Park, Larson was scrolling through her very old Instagram pictures and found one from January 2012. Underneath the selfie was a comment from a hater named Alice telling her she had a big nose.

And then buried deeper down in the comments is one from Musgraves, defending Larson, and saying that “little people belittle people.”

Obviously, now they are pals.

So when Musgraves invited Larson to help her decorate her cozy little living room in Nashville, she jumped at the chance.

The beauty of the room is in all the tiny details. A pink couch, Carole King and Loretta Lynn books, an Husky Orange front door, a cowboy hat hanging on a horseshoe, her Grammy on a shelf, cowhide pillows, white leather chairs with cowgirl detailing, a brass chandelier, and Whiskeytown’s 2001 album Pneumonia playing on the turntable.

The whole room looks like the perfect example of when nice things happen to nice people.