The Best Moments From the Nashville Premiere

There Were So Many Great Moments, How Can We Possibly Choose?

It’s been over six months since we first announced Nashville was coming home to CMT, and trust us, waiting was not easy. Thursday night (Jan. 5), the two-hour premiere event confirmed what we already suspected: It was well worth the wait.

We laughed, we cried, we sang, we danced and we remembered why we love being #Nashies.

While we loved every second of the premiere, and picking favorite our moments was a nearly impossible task, we managed to put our finger on the parts that really had us jumping out of our seats.

Read our list below and let us know what your favorite moments were!

  1. Juliette’s Survival

    We had full body chills watching Juliette be saved by Hallie.

  2. #Deyna

    Oh, how we’ve missed the Deacon and Rayna banter!

  3. Juliette and Rayna

    These two ladies have had some serious highs and lows since they first met, so it’s great to see them really supporting each other again.

  4. Deacon’s Charm

    When Deacon responds, “I can barely breathe just looking at you,” we all melted.

  5. #Javery is Back

    They’ve still got a ways to go, but we’re so excited to see these two under one roof with baby Cadence, working on their relationship.

  6. Already Gone

    Ever since we heard Rayna sing “Already Gone” in the pilot episode, we knew we had to have it. Now that the song is back, we’ve got it on repeat.

  7. Scarlett and Gunnar

    What Deacon said. … It’s about time!

  8. Cousins

    Now that Maddie is on good terms with her family, we finally get to see Scarlett giving Maddie the cousinly advice she so desperately needs.

  9. Revisiting the Crash

    Juliette’s breakdown at the crash site was so emotional and heartbreaking, but it really brought Juliette and Avery closer together.

  10. Deacon’s Surprise

    Let’s be honest. It just doesn’t get any cuter than this.

  11. Juliette and Avery’s Kiss

    It’s been so long.

  12. Maddie and Daphne’s Song

    There’s nothing better than these two getting along and making beautiful music.

  13. Juliette Finding Hallie

    That kind of angelic voice is impossible to forget.

  14. The Concept Album

    It took Deacon a while to come around to the idea, but we can’t wait to hear what this record sounds like!

  15. Will and Kevin

    We’re so happy to see Will back up onstage with Kevin by his side.

  16. Avery’s Support

    He always knows what to say.

  17. Scarlett and Gunnar’s Fight

    It’s so hard to watch these two fight, but we’re glad Scarlett finally spoke her truth and they can move forward.

  18. Juliette’s Talk With the Pastor

    We think this could be a real turning point for her.

  19. The #Scunnar Kiss

    Scarlett knows how to make an entrance!

  20. Deacon’s Song

    This song perfectly sums up Deacon and Rayna’s relationship and we couldn’t love it any more.

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