How to Order George Strait a Drink

It's Mostly Straight for Strait

Don’t sign George Strait up for a lot of fancy mixers, cordials and cocktails. It sounds like he takes his drinks, well, straight.

In a new Q&A with The Daily Beast, Strait explains how he does and doesn’t like to indulge.

“I’m not a big margarita guy. They’re a little sweet for my taste. Palomas are great. I sometimes drink those,” Strait said of the other popular Mexican concoction that combines grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar, club soda and tequila or mescal.

Even though Strait admits that some of his first tastes of tequila weren’t all that great — hence the lime and salt after the shot went down — now that he’s found the good stuff, he said his favorite way to drink tequila is just on the rocks, and he prefers it to be is añejo (very aged).

Other drinks he’s fond of?

“I like Jack Daniel’s. I like wine,” he said.

He even has some guidelines for the timing of said drinks.

“I think that during dinner, wine is great. After dinner, tequila is great. Before dinner, tequila is great.”

And the country icon just says no to any pre-show drinks when he’s touring.

“I’m pretty careful about that. Before I go out, I like to be as clear minded as I can. It’s hard enough to go out there and do a show without having a drink first,” he said.

Instead, Strait and his Ace in the Hole band have a time-honored tradition toward the end of any performance.

“After the show before we go back out for an encore,” he said, “we’ll celebrate with a shot of tequila and then we’ll go back out for the encore.”