“Blue Ain’t Your Color” Is Keith Urban’s Play-It-Again Song

“It Just Felt Like Your Favorite Pair of Jeans”

We all have songs like this. Ones we want to hear over and over. They are — to quote the Luke Bryan song — our play-it-again songs.

Keith Urban’s is his “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” which tops Billboard’s country airplay chart this week.

“The very first time I heard it, it was just like, ’Oh, man. Play it again, play it again, play it again,’” Urban said in a radio interview about the single.

It was an outside cut for Urban, co-written by Steven Lee Olsen, Hillary Lindsey and Clint Lagerberg. But once he started to play along, he loved how familiar and comfortable it was.

“Went and grabbed my guitar and started singing along with it almost right away. And it just felt like your favorite pair of jeans, right out of the gate,” he said.

But while it fit him, the song didn’t automatically fall into place on the record he was making. That took a little bit of work, tinkering and shaping, Urban recalls.

“Our job was to get in the studio and try and make it fit the rest of the record, sonically, because it’s a waltz,” he said.

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