Keith Urban: Self-Awareness Is the Death of Art

Are We Losing the Creative Sandbox?

Keith Urban sees the studio and stage as a sandbox, a place where you can build anything you want to build and every day is a blank canvas.

In the latest issue of the Academy of Country Music’s Tempo magazine, Urban says he has never lost that sense of innocent, unbridled creativity.

And he hopes he never will.

“I think this is the big struggle we have right now with social media,” Urban said. “We become too self-aware, and it’s the death of art.”

His advice for anyone wanting to hone their creativity is to do so organically, naturally, freely, purely and honestly without questioning, “Oh, my God, what are people going to think of this?”

Urban has close to 3 million followers on Twitter alone. He doesn’t tweet often, but when he does, he does so carefully, honestly and with a hearty dose of artistic integrity.
It also helps that Urban knows where he stands in the big picture.

One of his mentors once asked him, “Keith, do you know how much people think of you?” When Urban asked, “How much?” the answer was, “Rarely.”