No “Bro Box” for Florida Georgia Line

And No Hangovers, Either

In a new interview with Maxim, the men’s magazine poses the never-ending, why-are-we-still-asking-this question to the guys of Florida Georgia Line.

What do they think of that bro-country label?

The duo’s Tyler Hubbard takes that one, and answers very carefully and a little modestly.

“We definitely embrace it, but we don’t really put ourselves in that box, or any sort of box. We just do our own thing, and we don’t really want to throw a label on our music. Some people call bro-country a sub-genre and give us credit for creating it, and we’ll definitely take it,” Hubbard said.

“It’s pretty cool to say that we had that big of an impact on music,” he added, “but at the same time we’re not putting ourselves in a ’bro box.’”

Their new single “God, Your Mama and Me” — a collaboration with the Backstreet Boys — is certainly proof of that.

Hubbard and Brian Kelley also revealed how they’ve learned to drink responsibly, mostly out of a respect for the fans who come to their shows.

“We just drink enough water and know when to stop, because we’re playing shows night after night on the road. Sometimes it takes its toll, so we just try to be smart with it. We’ve definitely learned our lessons over the years,” Hubbard said.

And Kelley admitted that when the drinking does get out of hand once in a while — “the hangovers nowadays are far and few between, thank the Lord for that” — water and Tylenol go a long way.

“But there’s also nothing like some fried chicken and French fries the day after, if you’re really feeling it,” Kelley said.