The 10 Best Moments From Nashville: Season 5 Episode 3

Warning: Spoilers and Baby Pee

From spilled drinks to baby pee, Thursday’s new Nashville had us on the edge of our seats from start to finish!

Check out our picks for the top moments from the new episode and let us know what yours were on the official Nashville Facebook page.

  1. Maddie and Clay’s Meet Cute

    We don’t know much about this guy yet, other than the fact that he has killer vocals and an awesome sense of style, but we like where this is going.

  2. Hallie’s Inspiration

    It’s great to see Juliette finally have a good influence in her life.

  3. Ashley Whatsernuggets

    The only thing we loved more than Rayna’s nickname for Ashley Willerman was Bridgit Mendler’s performance as the YouTube diva.

  4. Avery’s Speech

    Will was definitely right when he pointed out that Avery is a “wacko magnet” when it comes to producing artists.

  5. Cadence’s Pee (Really!)

    We may have shed a happy tear or two when Juliette realized she had feeling in her legs again because her baby had an accident while sitting in her lap.

  6. Maddie’s Outburst

    It looks like Maddie is finally getting a taste of her own medicine.

  7. Juliette and Hallie

    These two have such a deep, beautiful friendship, and Hallie always knows exactly what to say.

  8. Sisters

    We know we can always count on Daphne to tell Maddie the truth.

  9. Maddie’s Apology

    It’s about time Maddie apologized to Deacon.

  10. Juliette’s Return to Singing

    We had all the chills watching Juliette reconnect with music.

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