World Premiere: Ryan Hurd’s “Hold You Back”

Hurd Learns to Let Go in Cinematic New Video

In his new “Hold You Back” music video Ryan Hurd is holdin’ up after saying goodbye to an off-and-on-again love who is leaving for a new life in New York City.

Set in cinematic black and white, Hurd sits by himself in a chair as he comes to terms with his new reality — she’s leaving and he’s staying.

He knows he needs to learn how to let go, but what he really wants is to hang on to the memories they once shared. It’s a sorrowful scene of blinking Edison lights illuminating boxes of her belongings that are packed up and labeled for a new life in the Big Apple. Remnants of a sendoff party hang all over the walls including a “Bon Voyage” message spelled in capital letters.

Co-written with Nicolle Galyon and Will Weatherly, the song’s lyrics tell a slightly different story of an on-and-off-again couple who get drunk and make the mistake of trying to capture the magic they once had while she’s already moved on with someone else. In the second verse, he sings, “It’s not like we got back together/We’re just coming back to the thing that we know/When you called it off you said that it’s for the better/That don’t make it easy for me to let go.”

In the end he accepts that he can’t give her what she’s ultimately looking for in a relationship. He sings, “Call me up if you ever get lonely/Call me up if you ever want me but until then I’m setting you free/And if you you ever come back to me/Baby I don’t want to hold you.”

“The narrative of the song is a little bit different than the narrative of the video,” Hurd tells, “but I’m really proud of the way they both turned out. I think chorus-wise, the video fits both storylines. I love that it’s a story that you usually don’t hear from a guy in country music.”

“I wanted to write the ending in a different way and it didn’t work,” Hurd added. “I spent all day with Nicolle and Will trying to write a different song. we kept the chorus but Nicolle said the verses didn’t really connect with the chorus. We all left and then came back into the room and she was right. We rewrote all the verses and the bridge and turned it into this story.”

He joins Thomas Rhett’s 2017 Home Team Tour with Kelsea Ballerini and Russell Dickerson starting Feb. 23 in Saginaw, Michigan — Hurd’s home state.

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