Dierks Bentley Makes the World Go “Black”

New Video Is Every Bit as Sexy as the Song

When Dierks Bentley’s tour launches Thursday night (Jan. 19) in Ohio, his fans might be expecting a little more from him.

More than just his mile-high “Drunk on a Plane” party attitude. Or his chill “Somewhere on a Beach” vibe. Now that Bentley’s “Black” video is out, I have a feeling that’s the side of him his fans will want to see now.

It is, undeniably, his sexiest side ever.

It’s not the first such video he’s ever made. The one for his 2005 ballad “Come a Little Closer” was a little on the erotic side, but that was almost 12 years ago, when Bentley was only 29. And his love interest was just a model playing a part.

This new one stars Bentley’s wife Cassidy. But she isn’t playing the part of his wife and the mother of his three children. She’s playing the gorgeously elusive woman he is chasing, and the two of them wind up in the most intimate of endings.

It’s hard to say if this video — which was shot in November near Reykjavík, Iceland — is so sexy because the song itself is so sexy. Or if it’s sexy because you’re watching a real-life love unfold.

I’ll have to watch it a hundred more times before I draw any conclusions about that.

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