The #NashvilleCMT Recap [SPOILER ALERT]

Rayna Gets a Stalker and a Backer

It must be so hard to be Rayna. Seriously. Because you’d always wonder if the men who came into your life wanted more than just a job or a business arrangement or whatever.

And clearly, the men in her life do want more.

On Thursday night’s (Jan. 19) episode, Deacon had to cope with all of these guys moving in on his wife.

There was billionaire tech guy Zach, who said he wanted to back Rayna’s business and only take 20 percent in return. A deal so good that her financial advisor told her it was the closest thing to free money ever.

But then there was Randall, the new entry-level social media guy at Highway 65 and clearly Rayna’s most fervent fan. He showed up at almost the exact same time as the envelope of rose petals and a long, long love letter.

Should Rayna get rid of all the gherms, or just kind of accept them and whatever they have to offer? Even Deacon, who has 100 jealous bones in his body, seemed to be a little indifferent about both new guys.

And even though Rayna did not even think about cheating, Will couldn’t stop thinking about it.

When Kevin pressured him to go apartment hunting, and Will went alone because Kevin had something going on with Kacey Musgraves, the realtor started to flirt hard with him. Like when he said, “I’d love to have you in the building,” what he really meant was “I’d love to have you in my life.”

Will confided in Avery why that run in with the realtor might be a sign of things to come.

“It’s not just that guy. It’s guys on the street, at my gigs, at the ATM just now,” Will said. But all of Will’s emotions over the temptations ultimately didn’t matter, because when Kevin found Will’s apartment application in the trash, it was pretty much over right then. Will bared his soul on the stage at a gig later that night, but by that time, Kevin was already packing up and getting ready for the big break up.

The one couple that was actually getting stronger—emotionally and physically—was Avery and Juliette.

Juliette was working hard on her rehab, and even bullied her physical therapist into putting her into some advanced harness contraption. But then Juliette had a panic attack. “Your soul needs to heal, too,” the wise therapist told her.

Avery, the most compassionate soulmate ever, tried to convince Juliette to take her pain pills, but she was scared because of her struggles with addiction.

“I may not be able to do anything for myself, but I can sure as hell can keep myself off those pills,” she told him. Instead, she went to a church for relief. She asked the pastor how to pray, then had a chat with God about why she survived and what she’s supposed to do now.

But all of the pastors and prayers and pain pills and exercises and equipment were no match for the kind of therapy session Avery and Juliette started in their bedroom.

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