Blake Shelton: A “Fat, Ugly Guy” With the Girl

Says Gwen Stefani Is Like the Hottest One at Prom

Life imitates art sometimes. Like on Wednesday night (Jan. 18), when Blake Shelton started living out the lyrics to his latest single, “A Guy With a Girl.”

In his No. 1 hit, he says he’s just the guy with the girl everybody wants to know, “wishin’ you were there alone, wonderin’ how I ever got your little hand in mine, and lookin’ over at you like, ’Ain’t she beautiful?'”

It sounds like that’s exactly how Shelton felt at the People’s Choice Awards, because Gwen Stefani was there with him as he picked up two trophies.

After the awards show, he told Extra how it felt to have such a gorgeous date.

“I feel like the fat, ugly guy in high school that got the hottest girl in school to go to the prom with him. That’s what I feel like,” Shelton said.

He went on to rave about how fun his life is with Stefani in it and, again, went back to talk about her looks.

“Oh, my god. She looks incredible. I mean, what the hell!” he said.

And while he was mostly self-deprecating about his own looks, he was willing to admit that the big fan-voted People’s Choice win was what mattered.

“This fat ugly guy won album of the year,” he said.